Foto: Freire de Andrade / 1859-1929

1 – Ignore claims about the EU falling apart – Europe knows Brexit was a terrible idea, and New York is the city which will benefit (Denis MacShane)

“No EU capital likes the European Court of Justice, which is more of a giant commercial court and administrative tribunal despite its grandiose title. The UK has won more cases than it has lost at the ECJ. But a rulebook needs an arbiter, and so the rest of Europe remains puzzled at the fact that Britain, the nation that invented “playing by the rules” and accepting the umpire’s decision, now can no longer bear to do so.”…/brexit-europe-negotiations-a…

2 – India is displaying classic signs that foreshadow fascism (Harish C Menon)

“Mishra was expectedly roasted for dubbing Modi as a disaster in the making for India. However, the Indian prime minister’s lifelong association with Hindu nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) inevitably leaves him open to such charges. RSS, with its avowed goal of the Hindu rashtra, or Hindu nation, and of which Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is an offshoot, has always had a fascination for the likes of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. And with the BJP’s electoral triumph—in 2014, it formed India’s first full majority government in decades—the spectre of violent identity politics has once again raised its head.”…/along-with-narendra-modis-rise-india-has-d…/

3 – Leavers are angry, for their lies will return to haunt them (Nick Cohen)

“Why in these circumstances are Leavers angry? What the hell do they have to be angry about? A part of the answer is that raging is all the poor dears can do. Across the west, the populist right is as much a countercultural movement as a political movement. Its supporters are closer to satirists than thinkers and doers with practical plans to change society. The right feasts on undoubted hypocrisies and evils in the liberal mainstream. It picks them apart and examines their ghoulish contradictions. Like its counterparts on the left, it then rapidly loses itself in the magic world of conspiracy theory. If you genuinely believe a sinister force has organised 97% of climate scientists to lie about global warming, or Brussels has bribed economists across the world to lie about the danger of Brexit, you are not just assuming mass mendacity at an astonishing level. You are also assuming “the establishment” is capable of the astonishing level of organisation required to persuade tens of thousands to lie.”…/brexit-leavers-fear-their-lie…

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