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1 – The Economic Consequences of Leaving the EU: the Final Report of the Cer Commission on Brexit 2016 (John Springford, Simon Tilford, Christian Odendahl, Philip McCann)

“However, EU immigration is good for the public finances, as immigrants pay more in taxes than they receive in public spending. There are some costs that arise from higher demand for housing and public services. But current levels of immigration help Britain to deal with the costs of an ageing population, by replacing retiring workers, and by raising more taxes to pay for health and pension costs. Since hostility to immigration is pushing Britain towards the exit door, it is likely that the UK would restrict immigration from the EU upon exit. This would require Britain to increase taxes or cut spending.”

2 – The man in charge of Brexit has no idea what he’s doing (Ian Dunt)

“But when he went on to answer questions from MPs, he suddenly veered off script. Perhaps he was suffering the emotional incontinence of political victory. Or perhaps he simply does not have the mental agility to stick to an agreed policy. Either way, it was soon clear Davis was going much further than Theresa May’s carefully formulated statements earlier in the week.”

3 – Theresa May refuses to reveal her Brexit negotiating hand ‘prematurely’ (

“The Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman said:

“It will be an opportunity in part to talk about the process of leaving the European Union, how we see the upcoming months, but also to talk about the upcoming October European Council and some of the issues that we expect to be on the agenda for that, such as migration, trade and where we are at with the situation in eastern Ukraine.””

4 – Australia Brutally Deflates Tory Dreams that We Would Get a Quick Trade Deal After Bexit

“Australia today punched a big hole in Brexiter dreams that the UK would quickly get trade deals with other countries after the EU Referendum vote.Talking to the UK would only happen after we left the EU and after they concluded a deal with the EU, the Aussies said. Oops.This was a far cry from the briefings by senior Tories just recently.”

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