1-21 – ‘Mr Brexit’ meets Mr Brexit: Nigel Farage to stump with Trump (Tom McCarthy, Ben Jacobs, Heather Stewart e Dan Roberts)

“The Trump campaign confirmed that Farage would appear with Trump at an evening rally in Jackson, Mississippi, to tell US voters “the Brexit story” of how he triumphed over the electoral odds. Farage will not endorse Trump. Trump hopes to ride to victory a populist wave of nationalist enthusiasm comparable to the movement behind Britain’s June vote to leave the European Union. As leader at the time of Ukip, Farage was a key promoter of the Brexit.”

2 – 12 ways to make it look like Brexit has happened (Jon Worth)

“You’ve seen the Red Tractor on products in the UK, indicating the product was farmed in the UK. But why not go further? Make it clear there is no ban on bendy cucumbers by introducing a special label promoting bendy British farm produce! (note: the EU law on bendy veg was abandoned in 2008 – doesn’t stop the UK press going on about it though. Perhaps a label might?)”

3 – Most Americans Aren’t Middle Class Anymore (Ben Casselman)

“First of all, it’s important to note that the middle class is shrinking not just because more people are poor but also because more people are rich. The share of Americans that are in high-earning households, those with more than double the median income, has grown by seven percentage points since 1971. The share of low earners, those earning less than two-thirds the median, has grown just four percentage points. In fact, what Pew calls the “hollowing of the American middle class” is even starker than that: Most of the growth has come at the extreme bottom and top of the income spectrum. In other words, the shrinking of the middle class is less about decline than polarization.”

4 – Burkinis : Estrosi menace les internautes qui montrent les policiers en action (Guillaume Champeau)

“On y voit quatre policiers qui obligent une femme allongée sur la plage de Nice à retirer sa tunique et donc à laisser apparaître un corps qu’elle préférait dissimuler, pour des raisons qu’elle seule peut affirmer.”

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