sub-buzz-17049-1469480128-11 – Contra as sanções, Portugal irá até ao Tribunal Europeu (geringonç

“Depois de numa primeira fase ter sido avançado que vários comissários defenderam “sanções zero”, nos últimos dias têm sido veiculadas informações que apontam para sanções reduzidas mas não nulas. O próprio Expresso avança que poderia ser mesmo aplicada a multa ainda que não no montante máximo previsto: 0,2% do PIB, o equivalente a 370 milhões de euros. Já na tarde de ontem, a Lusa avançava que Bruxelas pondera suspender alguns dos fundos estruturais a Portugal.”…/contra-sancoes-portugal-ira-ate-ao…/

2 – Welcome To The Russian Game: It’s Embarrassing, It’s Dirty, And It Might Be Out Of Control (Miriam Elder)

“Yes, Putin wants Trump in power — wouldn’t you? An anti-internationalist who questions the use of NATO and wants to withdraw from the WTO while pushing for “deals” without thinking about pesky things like “rights” and “freedom.”. But why this hack, and why now? Because there’s nothing Moscow plays better in than shame — degrading the worth of things by chipping away at them in ways that makes the world an uglier place.”…/welcome-to-the-russian-game-its-…

3 – Brexit latest: The interim European Economic Area option (James Blitz)

“Two questions arise from this. First, would EU governments view a time-limited transitional membership of the EEA favourably? Wolfgang Munchau, who discusses the ASI plan in his Eurointelligence blog, is confident they would. In his view, it would minimise the economic fallout from Brexit, something Europe would want to avoid “given the eurozone’s extreme vulnerability to even the smallest shocks”. The second question regards free movement. There is still no way the EU will allow Britain, as an EEA member, to introduce EU border controls. This is bound to be seen by some Leave campaigners as a betrayal of the spirit behind the June 23 vote. The only way for Mrs May to confront this problem would be to stress the transitional nature of the arrangement, insisting that migration curbs would become possible once Britain has left the EEA and entered a free-trade agreement with the EU.”…/931bffc8-5253-11e6-befd-2fc0c26b3c60

(Imagem: Fotografia de Ria Novosti / Reuters)

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