Um dos maiores intelectuais vivos faz uma reflexão realista e sucinta a respeito da Europa atual. Vale a pena ganhar “5 minutos com Noam Chomsky” nesta leitura. Entretanto, deixo convosco algumas linhas de pensamento que se fazem emergentes nos dias que correm.

“Europe’s policies make sense only on one assumption: that the goal is to try and undermine and unravel the welfare state.”

“The eurozone, in my view, is a positive development in general, but it’s being handled in a way that is undermining the promise it should have. I think it’s widely agreed that there has to be more political union. You can’t have a system in which countries cannot control their own currencies and have austerity imposed on them, when they can’t carry out the measures that any other country would carry out if it were in economic crisis. That’s just an impossible situation and it has to be dealt with.”


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